Symfony 1.0.9 released

All 1.0.x versions are only bug fix versions.

6 weeks after the last version, Symfony 1.0.9 has been released.

It fix 18 known bugs and doesn’t add new functionalities.

These are the fixed bugs:

* r6203: fixed typo in the submit_tag() of the UrlHelper?.php (#2493)

* r6129: sfBrowser : ->click() also search for HTML button elements (#2342)

* r6125: sfRouting : allow numeric parameters (#2317)

* r6019: fixed sfPropelData::dumpData()

* r6014: fixed radio button ids

* r6013: fixed templates of login & secure actions of default module are exchanged

* r6003,r6004,r6007,r6010: merged bug fixes from creole 1.1 + propel 1.2.1 + fixed date

* r5997: fixed admin generator filters HTML defect (#1891)

* r5856: fixed through_class in admin_*_list tags (#1612)

* r5851: fixed sfZendFrameworkBridge autoload (#2314)

* r5847: fixed typo in JavascriptHelper?.php (#2464)

* r5845: fixed incomplete error message in sfRouting.class.php (#2465)

* r5776: fixed typo (#2480)

* r5772: backported i18n fixes from Prado + improved DateTimeFormatInfo

* r5771: fixed typo in sfMessageSource_MySQL.class.php (#2477)

* r5749: reverted YAML schema confusion

* r5704: only logged in users are now timed out due to sf_timeout

* r5701: fixed propel-build-all-load task execution

Fabien suggest you to update your applications with this new release if you plan to use symfony with PHP 5.2.5.

  • If you have a PEAR installation you have to update executing the command:

pear upgrade symfony/symfony

  • If you use Subversions, use the command:

svn checkout

After the update, clear the cache and enjoy: your application will run without problems.

Mauro Casula

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