Easily translate the Generated Administration

In this article, I will explain how to easily translate an auto generated administration and i will ask all you to send me your tranlations.

I have attached here the spanish and italian translation files with sfGuard translation included, but if you want to tranlate all the administration in dutch for example, you only have to edit one of these files and replace the translated item with your tranlation.

Your Contributions:

French: ( thanks to Sylvain - )

German: ( thanks to Ingo - )

Russian: ( thanks to b166er )

Indonesian: ( thanks to Haidarah Husain )

I would like to complete this list with many other languages: Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, German…
If you know one or more of this languages and you want to help.. please send me your traduction at:

maurocasula (at) yahoo .it

I will put all in a dedicated section in this blog and in the symfony project section.

Read more if you want to know how to install the translation files in your backend.

Mauro Casula

The installation of the traduction is very simple:

1. Copy the traduction files in your apps/backend/i18n folder.

2. Edit your apps/backend/config/i18n.yml file as follow

default_culture: es
source: XLIFF
# debug: off
cache: off
# untranslated_prefix: “[T]”
# untranslated_suffix: “[/T]”

3. Add the following to your settings.yml file

i18n: true

4. Clear the cache and enjoy!

If you need to know how to dinamically change language, how to determine the user culture dinamically or how to handle complex tranlation needs please read the documentation:

i18n documentation

When you will have to add tranlations, simply open the messages.LANG.xml and copy and paste one of the sections:

<trans-unit id=”26″>
<source>Remember me?</source>

and change source and target with your translation.

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  1. Dec7


    Said this at 8:31am:

    Mauro Thanks for the translations :)

  2. Dec8

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    Said this at 2:46pm:

    […] gemacht und schon mal für Spanisch und Italienisch die passenden Übersetzungs-Dateien bereitgestellt. Mittlerweile ist auch Französisch hinzugekommen und ich habe mich auch hingesetzt und eine […]

  3. Dec9


    Said this at 6:40pm:

    russian translation is also now finish and send to mauro.
    why not adding this file to wiki on symfony-dev?
    e.g.: in list
    it better to handle with modificatons, or not?

  4. Dec9


    Said this at 7:31pm:

    I will ask where is better place to put all traslations!

    I’m very very happy for your participation.

    Thank you.. this is the open-source Philosophy!

    Mauro Casula

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    Said this at 3:30am:

    […] Easily translate the Generated Administration […]

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    Said this at 6:22pm:

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  7. Dec17


    Said this at 10:21am:

    I noticed that there are some errors in the German translation file (trans-unit id=”6″). I removed some extra-blanks and now it works perfectly. Additionally I translated the pagination titles (First, Previous, Next & Last). I’d like to contribute. To whom may I send the new file?

  8. Dec17


    Said this at 12:00pm:

    Send it to maurocasula (at) yahoo .it

    I’ll put all the translations in the Symfony project wiki.

    Thank you very much!

    Mauro Casula.

  9. Jan7


    Said this at 9:47am:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  10. Jan29


    Said this at 4:41pm:

    Russian translation seems to be very poor and contains misspells


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