Symfony 1.1: Form helpers are deprecated

Symfony 1.1 release is very near.

Fabien created a new branch in svn repository called branches/1.1.

He explain that if you are planning to develop a new application compatible with symfony 1.1, you must swich from trunk/ to /banches/1.1.

The trunk will host the future 1.2 release and will be instable in the next weeks.

Meanwhile I have found in the wiki an interesting article over the future of the Helpers in the new Symony release.

As I anticipated in a previous article, template Helpers will be available in Symfony 1.1 by setting compat_10 = true. Template helpers will be included in sfCompat10Plugin.

In the wiki there are also others news:

- Form helpers are deprecated and replaced by the new form/validation/widget framework.

- Javascript helper is completely deprecated and won’t have equivalent in Symfony 1.1.

Symfony developers want to give us the possibility to use our preferred JavaScript Library, so Prototype/ won’t be included in Symfony 1.2.

- Object Helpers will disappear. Using Propel Forms we’ll have the same functionalities.

- Text Helpers are deprecated and will not be included in the core framework.

I’m uncertain about to rewrite parts of my projects using the new Symfony 1.1 functionalities and cleaning the templeates from the deprecated helpers or to use the compat_10 = true parameter and avoid me all that work.

I think that for relatively small projects, with few growth possibilities, I will simply use the parameter compat_10 = true.

For new projects and for existent and expanding web applications, I will study the best and more convenient way to upgrade.

In the wiki there is a very usefull document about upgrade: Click here.


I wish you all a marry Christmas.

A special hug to Riki and Augustone.

Mauro Casula.


















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  1. Dec23


    Said this at 1:14am:

    Great news. Looking forward to seeing the final release.

    What about the ORM layer though? I’ve heard rumors of Doctrine becoming the new default ORM in Symfony 1.1. Is this true?

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    Said this at 3:13am:

    […] Symfony 1.1: Form helpers are deprecated […]

  3. Dec24

    Ryan Weaver

    Said this at 4:21am:

    The definitive word (from Fabien) is that Propel 1.2 will be the default ORM in Symfony 1.1. The reason is that both Doctrine and Propel 1.3 require a higher version of PHP than Fabien wanted to require for Symfony 1.1. It looks like, as we go into the future, either Doctrine or Propel could win out - with both staying on as plugins for the time being. Since Propel 1.3 uses PDO (like Doctrine), the performance differences between Doctrine and Propel 1.3 are minimal (I’ve heard Propel is faster for simply queries, Doctrine for more complex queries).


  4. Dec30 » Blog Archive » Una semana con Symfony #24 (17->23 diciembre 2007)

    Said this at 9:50pm:

    […] Symfony 1.1: Form helpers are deprecated […]


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