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sfSWFUpload Plugin for Symfony

sfSWFUpload Plugin for Symfony
I published my first symfony plugin in symfony plugin trac.
This plugin offers helpers that permit simple use and configuration of SWFUpload.
SwfUpload is a combination of JavaScript and Flash that provides advanced browser upload control.
SWFUpload Features:
* Multiple File Selection
* File Upload Progress
* Custom Limits for File Size and Number of Uploads
* Filter by […]

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Speed symfony developing with eclipse snippets templates.

Eclipse Templates are a structured description of coding patterns that reoccur in source code.
Eclipse allows you to define templates for commonly used constructs, allowing you to insert them using the content assist tool (Ctrl+Space).
Even if Symfony successfully apply the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle, many times, during developing, you have to write many times the […]

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Criteria snippets, tools, links and suggestions

As many of you know, if you want to get something from database via Symfony you should build a query with help of Criteria() object.
Criteria class is a magic part of Propel and it works pretty well with easy queries.
But with custom joins, select distinct, complex criterion, subqueries, “custom group by” queries, it’s not so […]

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