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Symfony 1.0.9 released

All 1.0.x versions are only bug fix versions.
6 weeks after the last version, Symfony 1.0.9 has been released.
It fix 18 known bugs and doesn’t add new functionalities.
These are the fixed bugs:
* r6203: fixed typo in the submit_tag() of the UrlHelper?.php (#2493)

* r6129: sfBrowser : ->click() also search for HTML button elements (#2342)

* r6125: sfRouting […]

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Symfony 1.1 - What’s new?

Fabien has returned from the IPC 2007 in Frankfurt and he has published all the slides of his presentation in his new blog.
He promised to commit the last two missing classes (sfForm and sfFormField) by the end of the month.
After that commit, the last missing element for the waited new Framework will […]

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Symfony 1.1 new form handling

When looking at the list of symfony features missing, I think that form
handling is the top one.
The current form handling ( form creation process , form validation process etc… ) works fine, but it’s not at the same level of all the others parts of Symfony.
Fabien is working hard over this part of the new […]

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Symfony icons from

Are you looking for little pretty icons for your administration symfony backend ?
Good. Stop your search, here you have that.
From a collection of over 1000 icons: report icons, picture icons, xhtml/css buttons, hardware drives icons, feeds icons.
The �Version 1.3’ of the Silk web icon set is the best icon set collection […]

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