sfSWFUpload Plugin for Symfony

sfSWFUpload Plugin for Symfony

I published my first symfony plugin in symfony plugin trac.
This plugin offers helpers that permit simple use and configuration of SWFUpload.

SwfUpload is a combination of JavaScript and Flash that provides advanced browser upload control.

SWFUpload Features:
* Multiple File Selection
* File Upload Progress
* Custom Limits for File Size and Number of Uploads
* Filter by File Type ie. *.jpg
* File Queue
* Customize the Browse Control
* Degrades Gracefully

More info over SWFUpload:

You can use this plugin with included upload action: SWFUpload/upload (very simple example )
or you can develop your own upload action.

sfThumbnailPlugin is required from included sfSWFUpload/upload action.

Download and installation instructions are here: http://trac.symfony-project.com/wiki/sfSWFUploadPlugin

This plugin was tested against Symfony version 1.0.7 - 1.0.16

If you have any questions or feedback feel free to contact me at maurocasula at gmail.com.

Best Regards.
Mauro Casula.

SWFUploadPlugin offers 2 helpers:

- swf_upload_javascript($upload_url, $post_params = array(), $options = array())
Include javascript functions and set up swfUpload.
$upload_url: the url of the script responsible of upload files
$post_params: array of additional post variables you want to send from sfwUpload to upload script
$options: array of options for overwrite the default plugins settings ( app.yml )
accepted options:
file_size_limit: “100 MB”
file_types: “*.jpg;*.gif;*.png”
file_types_description: “Supported Files”
file_upload_limit: 100
file_queue_limit: 0
debug: “false”

- swf_upload_standard_html()
Include html tags and include flash movie using plugin settings



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  1. Oct15


    Said this at 9:27pm:


    For last two days, I’m trying to run sfSWFUploadPlugin 1.0.3 with no success as long.
    I was even tried to install fresh (sandbox) version of 1.0.13 version - sfThumbnail with same lack of success.
    All I have is first such message:

    SWFUpload is loading. Please wait a moment…

    And after few seconds:

    SWFUpload is taking a long time to load or the load has failed. Please make sure JavaScript is enabled and that a working version of the Adobe Flash Player is installed.

    And thats it.

    I found some info in js files, but I’m not familiar with JS. My Adobe Flash Player is v:, JavaScript is enabled.

    Please help :D

  2. Oct16


    Said this at 7:31am:

    Hi AlienTresor,

    first, watch this:

    second, check the route of the swf file in the page html source and verify that its right.

    Please, post your problem in that forum post. You will have hightly visibility. ;)

    Best Regards.

    Mauro Casula.


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